As it is mental health awareness week, are taking the opportunity to support those who are in need of help when it comes to mental illness and addiction.

If you find yourself worrying about everything happening in your life and questioning every decision you make from day to day work to relationships, then you are most likely suffering from Anxiety. Anxiety which is often ignored is in fact a serious disorder and carries with itself side effects including constant headaches, frequent urination, panic attacks, depression, insomnia and many more. Often people with anxiety fail to get any sympathy since people don’t understand what they are going through.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as a fear of future events and it makes you continuously worry about what’s going to happen and often induces a belief that things will not go your way. This constant state of worry makes you overthink about your plans so much that you may end up ruining your plans and which leads you down the road of self-hatred. Depressions is also the end result of anxiety, forcing you to go into an isolation state where you break all the connections from your friends and family and become completely anti-social to a point that you prefer loneliness over companionship. Human beings are a social animal and being anti-social can cause self-destructive thoughts and you may end up hurting yourself and your loved ones.

Candace Ganger, the author of “Young Adults” suffered from anxiety and she stated that it made her develop fear of facing large crowds. Her severe anxiety disorder made her believe that she will face life threatening dangers in whatever she will do, and every step must be taken with extreme care in order to stay alive. This made her to think over and over to be certain about everyday tasks like going to a place that requires some navigation in which case she needs to find out the exact route to her destination to be certain about not getting lost. She will extra take extra precautions to avoid routes with heavy traffic or routes which have high probability of causing accidents. Sometimes people suffering from anxiety choose to go to rehab clinic which can assist you in coping with such disorders.

Another definition of anxiety is presented by Northeastern University student Alivia Hall who said that   anxiety is when you feel something is wrong, but you do not know what. You feel like there are butterflies in your stomach flapping around making you feel nauseated. It takes your brain to an overloaded state and makes you feel as if your mind is on fire since it is constantly making you overthink everything and keep rejecting every possible solution/plan you come up with. There is a whirlpool of different thought going in your mind and you don’t know how to stop it. There is also an inner voice that keeps telling you to not do something which you wanted to do and rejects every logical statement you come up with in order to justify your decision. Sleep eludes you, and no matter what you do it seems like you can’t fall asleep even if you are tired. People with anxiety need a support group to care and comfort them and they need someone to be there for them and someone who listen to what they feel and think.

Anxiety can often be connected with addiction, and so those who are going through drug rehabilitation will often have this addressed simultaneously.